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What is plasticity of the nervous system?

The nervous system has the ability to be organized and renewed.

Basic processes are:

  • Rise of the effectiveness of synapses (nervous connections)
  • Formation of synapses
  • Formation of nerve cells

The processes can explain the regeneration abilities of the brain after PBS (Peripheral Brain Stimulaton).

Pictures of Enrico Schultz show the reappearance of the "Putamen" (=Himregion where the Dopamin educated in the black substance comes).

Enrico Schulz Dat SCAN Oct 25, 2006               Enrico Schulz Dat SCAN July 24, 2007               Enrico Schulz September 2006

After strong stimulation of the "ear acupuncture points" which seem to be particularly localized under the skin, the education of the messenger's materials (lumonale factors) and the education of neurone impulse transference, releases. Regeneration processes are thereby released in the appropriate brain regions.